Product availability and pricing are currently changing frequently. DJ will assist you in getting the quote for the equipment that will best suit your needs. Feel free to Contact DJ for more information.

Screens are available in many sizes including 54″x74″, 63″x84″, 6’x8′, 7’x10″, and 9’x12″. Larger screens are great however please consider the venue where you will likely be presenting. Ballrooms have high ceilings however standard rooms may have a lower ceiling height as low as 8 feet.

Projection units also come in many shapes, sizes, and quality. Short throw projectors work nice for rear projection. Long throw projectors are also great however are typically used as front of the screen projectors. An important specification to be aware of is the Lumens of your projector. 3000 to 5000 lumens is a high enough quality to be seen well in most indoor lighting conditions. Lower lumens projectors are widely available and work well in darker rooms however this will not be the best choice for live presentations.

MiPro PA systems are extraordinary in providing a high quality true representation of your voice. The MiPro brand has been trusted by top professionals for decades. MiPro provides strong power combined with portability and it is very easy to set and change frequencies as needed when traveling. Many sizes are available with the MA303 and the MA505 being the most popular.

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