Live on Location

The Basics For LIVE-ON-LOCATION Events:

1. Projector (possessing necessary projection power)
Hitachi CP-AX3505 (Amazon)
Spare Bulb for Projector

2. Laptop (portable but with sufficient power)
MSI 17 Inch Gaming Laptop (Amazon)
3. Audio Lifter (removes the often-present irritating hissing sound)
Laptop Sound Port (Amazon)
4. PA System (portable & powerful)
Mipro MA303
Speaker Stands (compact and well-built)
5. Microphones (hand-held and headset)
Handheld Mipro:
Headset Microphone:
Mipro ACT58T
6. Screen (rear-screen projection suggested)
Da-Lite Deluxe Screen System
For Sizes and pricing: Contact DJ
7. Cords, Cables, And Dongles
*Order the best quality cables – they are mission-critical to your success.
DJ Ehlert will have links for all major cable options you may need…
-have back-up cables on hand in the event of a damaged cable
-have a spare projector bulb – all bulbs blow – not an IF – it comes down to
-I carry three audio lifters, five 25 foot extension cords, a spare 50 foot HDMI
cable, duplicate microphones, basic screw drivers, multitool, zip-ties,
3.5 mm100 foot cable/s, guitar jack adaptor to 3.5mm, XLR adaptors for 3.5mm
*everything that can go wrong will go wrong – best to be over-prepared…
100 Foot HDMI Cable Connecting Projector To Computer
50 Foot HDMI Cable Connecting Projector To Computer
25 Foot Extension Cord

Screwdriver 13 in 1
Small Tool Kit
Zip Ties
USB C Dongle
50 Foot 3.5 MM Audio Cord
3.5 to 6.35 Adapter
3.5 to XLR Adapter
8. Gaffers Tape (to avoid injury)
9. Remote Control PPTX+ Presenter
Jeff Jones 919 593 4271

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